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Carlos E. Santibáñez-López

Principal Investigator

2006. B.S. Instituto Tecnologico del Valle de Oaxaca, Mexico

2009. M.S. Instituto de Biología, UNAM, Mexico

2013. Ph.D. Instituto de Biología, UNAM, Mexico

2014-16. Postodoctoral. Instituto de Biotecnologia, UNAM

2016-18. Postodoctoral. Department of Integrative Biology, UW Madison, WI

2018-21. Postodoctoral. Department of Biology, ECSU Willimantic, CT

2021. Assistant Professor. Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences, WCSU Danbury, CT

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Athenea Acosta
Graduate Student (MS in Integrative Biological Diversity).

Cian Pennell

Cian Pennell
Undergraduate Researcher

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Gabrielle Velepucha
Undergraduate Researcher

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Join our team

Undergraduate students

I am looking for highly motivated undergraduate students looking to gain experience in invertebrate zoology and comparative phylogenetic methods.
Students with well reliability, organization qualities, and intellectual curiosity are most welcome. 

Graduate students

Graduate students should be self-motivated, intellectually curious, determined, and able to work as part of a team.
You will be trained to analyze next-generation sequence data. If you are interested in systematics/phylogenomics, you will participate in fieldwork expeditions in the US and abroad.
If what interests you is comparative development, you'll anticipate training in working with non-model organisms.

Looking for Assistantship? See these options: 

Graduate Assistant Application


Barbara Machado
Undergraduate Researcher

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