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Selected publications

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51. Bryant, M.J., Coello, A.M., Glendening, A.M., Hilliman III, S.A., Fernanda Jara, C., Pring, S.S., Rodriguez Rivera A., Santiago Membreño, J., Nigro, L., Pauloski, N., Graham, M.R., King, T., Jockush, E.L., O’Neill, R., Wegrzyn, J.L., Santibáñez-López, C.E., Webster, C.N. (in review). Unveiling the genetic blueprint of a desert scorpion: A chromosome-level genome of Hadrurus arizonensis provides the first reference for Parvorder Iurida. bioRxiv 

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50. Graham, M.R., Santibáñez-López, C.E., Zehnpfennig, J.R., Tillman, D.S., Murdoch, B. 2024. Serendipitous discovery of desert hairy scorpion mitogenomes as bycatch in venom data via nanopore sequencing. Arthropoda 2, 119-129. Open Access

49. Kulkarni, S.S., Steiner, H.G., Garcia, E.L., Iuri, H., Jones, R.R., Ballesteros, J.A., Gainett, G., Graham, M.R., Harms, D., Lyle, R., Ojanguren-Affilastro, A.A., Santibáñez-López, C.E., Silva de Miranda, G., Cushing, P.E., Gavish-Regev, E., Sharma, P.P. (In Press). Neglected no longer: Phylogenomic resolution of higher-level relationships in Solifugae. iScience 26(9): 107684.

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48. Ojanguren-Affilastro, A.A., Pizarro-Araya, J., Santibáñez-López, C.E. (2023). Old and cold: diverse phylogenomic datasets support an ancient transantarctic dispersive route on the scorpion family Bothriuridae in temperate Gondwana. Mol. Phylogen. Evol. 187: 107886

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47. Santibáñez-López, C.E., Ojanguren-Affilastro, A.A., Graham, M.R., Sharma, P.P. (2023). Congruence between ultraconserved element-based matrices and phylotranscriptomic datasets in the scorpion tree of life. Cladistics 39(6): 533-547.


46. Santibáñez-López, C.E., Aharon, S., Ballesteros, J.A., Gainett, G., Baker, C.M., González-Santillán, E., Harvey, M.S., Hassan M.K., Abu-Almaaty, A.H., Aldeyarbi, S.M., Monod, L., Ojanguren-Affilastro, A., Raven, R.J., Pinto-da-Rocha, R., Zvik, Y., Gavish-Regev, E., Sharma, P.P. (2022). Phylogenomics of scorpions reveal a co-diversification of scorpion mammalian predators and mammal-specific sodium channel toxins. Systematic Biology 71: 1281-1289

45. Ballesteros, J.A., Santibáñez-López, C.E., Baker, C.M., Benavides, L.R., Cunha, T.J., Gainett, G., Ontano, A.Z., Setton, E.V.W., Arango, C.P., Gavish-Regev, E., Harvey, M.S., Wheeler, W.C., Hormiga, G., Giribet, G., Sharma, P.P. (2022). Comprehensive species sampling and sophisticated algorithmic approaches refute the monophyly of Arachnida. Molecular Biology and Evolution : msac021 Open Access

44. Sharma, P.P., Ballesteros, J.A., Santibáñez-López, C.E. (2021). What is an “Arachnid”? Consensus, Consilience, and Confirmation Bias in the Phylogenetics of Chelicerata. Diversity 13: 568. Open Access

43. Santibáñez-López, C.E., Cushing, P.E., Powell, A.M., Graham, M.R. (2021). Diversification and post-glacial range expansion of giant North American camel spiders in genus Eremocosta (Solifugae: Eremobatidae). Scientific Reports 11: 22093 Open Access

42. Gainett, G., González, V.L., Ballesteros, J.A., Setton, E.V.W., Baker, C.M., Gargiulo, L.B., Santibáñez-López, C.E., Coddington, J.A., Sharma, P.P. (2021). The genome of a daddy-long-legs (Opiliones) illuminates the evolution of arachnid appendages and chelicerate genome architecture. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 288: 20211168.

41. Ontano, A., Gainett, G., Shlomi, A., Ballesteros, J.A., Benavides, L., Corbett, K., Gavish-Regev, E., Harvey, M., Monsma, S., Santibáñez-López, C.E., Setton, E., Zehms, J., Zeh, J., Zeh, D., Sharma, P.P. (2021). Taxonomic sampling and rare genomic changes overcome long-branch attraction in the phylogenetic placement of pseudoscorpions. Molecular Biology and Evolution 38: 2446–2467. Open Access

40. Santibáñez-López, C.E., Farleigh, K., Cushing, P.E., Graham, M.R. (2021). Restriction enzyme optimization for RADseq with camel spiders (Arachnida: Solifugae). Journal of Arachnology 48:346-350 Open Access

39. *Ballesteros, J.A., *Setton, E.V.W., *Santibáñez-López, C.E., Arango, C.P., Brenneis, G., Brix, S., Cano-Sánchez, E., Dandouch, M., Dilly, G.F., Eleaume, M.P., Gainett, G., Gallut, C., McAtee, S., McIntyre, L., Moran, A.L., Moran, R., López-González, P.J., Scholtz, G., Williamson, C., Woods, H., Wheeler, W.C., Sharma, P.P. (2021). Phylogenomic resolution of sea spider diversification through integration of multiple data classes.  Molecular Biology and Evolution 38(2): 686-701 (* equal author contribution) Open Access

38. Graham, M.R., Santibáñez-López, C.E., Derkarabetian, S., Hendrixson, B.E. (2020). Pleistocene persistence and expansion in tarantulas on the Colorado Plateau and the effects of missing data on phylogeographical inferences from RADSeq. Molecular Ecology 293684-3701

37. *Ureta, C., González, E.J., Ramírez-Barrón, M., Contreras-Félix, G.A., Santibáñez-López, C.E. (2020). Climate change will have an important impact on scorpion's fauna in its most diverse country: Mexico. Perspectives in Ecology and Conservation 18:116-123. 

36. Nolan, E.D., Santibáñez-López, C.E., Sharma, P.P. (2020). Developmental gene expression supports the monophyly of Arachnopulmonata and refutes a single colonization of land in the evolutionary history of Chelicerata. Developmental genes and Evolution 230:137-153. pdf (featured on the journal cover)

35. Santibáñez-López, C.E., Ojanguren-Affilastro, A., Sharma, P.P. (2020). Another one bites the dust: taxonomic sampling of a key genus in phylogenomic datasets reveals more non-monophyletic groups in traditional scorpion classification. Invertebrate Systematics 34:133-143.

34. *Ballesteros, J.A., *Santibáñez-López, C.E., Kovác, L., Gavish-Regev, E., Sharma, P.P. (2019). Ordered phylogenomic subsampling enables diagnosis of systematic errors in the placement of the enigmatic, long-brach arachnid order Palpigradi. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 286: 20192426. (*equal author contribution).

33. Santibáñez-López, C.E., Graham, M.R., Sharma, P.P., Ortiz, E., Possani, L.D. (2019). Evolutionary conservation and selective pressures in hadrurid scorpion toxins. Toxins 11:637. Open Access  (featured on the journal cover)

32. Aharon, S., Ballesteros, J.A., Crawford, A.R., Gainett, G., Friske, K., Langford, B., Santibáñez-López, C.E., Ya'aran, S., Gavish-Regev, E., Sharma, P.P. (2019). The anatomy of an unstable node: A Levantine relict precipitates phylogenomic dissolution of a higher-level relationships of the armored harvestmen (Arachnida: Opiliones). Invertebrate Systematics 33: 697-717. (featured on the journal cover).

31. Santibáñez-López, C.E., González-Santillán, E., Monod, L., Sharma, P.P. (2019). Phylogenomics facilitates stable scorpion systematics: Reassessing the relationships of Vaejovidae and a new high-level classification of Scorpiones (Arachnida). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 135: 22-30.

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